Hunter’s Moon the Garden Immortal Dracula

The life of count Dracula told unlikely any story before. Find out who is really is. Find out how he came to be. Finally understand how this curse was place upon him. His bloodlust goes far deeper than you can imagine.

Take a journey through the eyes of the vampire king. Outcast by an unforgivable sin I wish I didn’t commit. I was left with a mark that made me immortal. Forced out by the ones I loved I embarked on a long journey.

Camping out in the wilderness I found a home and a new family. Longing for the touch of another human being I pushed myself forward. Leaving behind a different but another family I traveled from village to village. In one of the villages I found a love of a lifetime.

But being immortal I’m cursed to live forever while everyone else around me dies. With a broken heart I wondered the desert for years until I found the city of sand. Egyptian is what they called it I pretend to be a king to live free in this land. I was capture by the real king to find it was my destiny to be here.

From the first to the last pharaoh I played a part in their lives. In this game of thrones I got caught up in the war of land and kingdoms. On the side of the loser but still we fought well.

My role in the kingdom led me to find the Holy Grail. Upon finding this Holy Grail I let myself get the better of me and placed a curse upon it. That is the day I will always regret, it is now the reason I am a vampire.




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